At Big Forest we are more than just a video production crew; we live to create journeys. In every fairy tale and mythology the forest has always been a place of magic, enchantment, chaos, and wonder. A dangerous place with ancient trees and even older stories. The forest is the first test of every knight, of every adventurer, and every hero. It’s the wild woods that the brave hearted must first conquer, and they must conquer their fear first by entering the part of the forest that is darkest to them.


So gather your courage; and enter the forest.


We help you tell your journey. Your story. Your acts of courage. Your moments of failure and the ultimate eucatastrophe that you’ve been searching for all this time. We are here to tell the story every person needs to hear: that adversity is worth the struggle. We do this by working with you - from the first inspiration you have to the final edit you approve. Big Forest provides [list of services] so that you can see your story come to life. Face your fears and enter the forest; we will be with you every step of the way.



Isaac White
Co-Founder / Director of Photography


Jacob Krato
Co-Founder / Executive Producer



Jordan Harms
Co-Founder / Director


Andy Baker
Co-Founder / Webmaster



Christopher Layer
Co-Founder / Production Coordinator