Meet The Crew

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Isaac White

“The Tinkerer” - Our Director of Photography, Co-Director, Writer, Editor, Colorist grew up taking things apart and was mostly able to put them together again. Seeing the structure of things through each intricate detail, piece by piece, shaped the way our imagery is conceived. No tree is forgotten in the cinematography of Big Forest
frothy froth

Christopher Layer

“The Tour Guide” - A big laugh, an eye for detail, and a heart of gold is what makes our Tour Guide so popular. Our Production Coordinator, Co-Director, Editor, Audio Technician, Writer, Social Media Manager, and Podcast Personality gathers the necessary team and tools of the trade to make your ideas come to life. Every adventure needs a guide and the Tour Guide will show you the way through the Big Forest.
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Jordan Harms

“The Game Master” - Between deciding which quests our heroes take or figuring out the steps in the story, our Director balances his creative energies with methodical proficiency. Inspired by big mountains, tall trees, and a serious case of wanderlust, he brings magic to the silver screen that is only found deep in the Big Forest.
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Jacob Krato

“The Ent” - Our Executive Producer, Bookkeeper, Legal Liaison, Copywriter, Meeting Leader, Production Assistant, Business Developer, Business Operations Specialist, Backup Audio Technician is the “Shepherd of the Big Forest” by nurturing and keeping big ideas on track. He tends finances, company logistics, and helps facilitate all our detail-driven creative minds so that they don’t miss the Forest for the trees.
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Andrew Baker

“The Technician” - Technically he’s more than a technician, but this web developer, workflow, pen drawing extraordinaire and big-ideas guy loves to get lost in the Big Forest of details, data, and driving any car he can get into. Never to be tied down to the beaten track, Andy is always on the lookout for new ones yet to be traveled.

Enter The Forest

Your story is like all good stories; it’s filled with courage, defeats, and a final victory. These are the stories that matter and should be passed on. At Big Forest, we are more than a video production crew; we are a team who cinematically retells your Hero's Journey.

We do this by working with you - from the first inspiration you have - to the final edit you approve. Big Forest is your partner in production, walking beside you and guiding you through the Forest of producing your story for the silver screen - even the one in your pocket. Whether you need a complex narrative with actors, sets, and explosions, or simple interviews that cut to the heart of your story, Big Forest is ready to start the journey.

So face your fears and enter The Forest. We will be with you every step of the way.

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